EFT Generator

Built for banks in Southern Africa, EFT Generator seamlessly integrates with Payables Management & Cashbook Bank Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Strict workflow control ensures data accuracy and leaves no gaps for manipulation. Batches can be built to remit & settle due payable invoices. Once EFT file is generated, vendor payments can be posted in Dynamics GP. Almost similar process as Computer Cheques makes EFT Generator not an alien module.


EFT Generator follows strict workflow in sequence of selecting which vendor invoices to pay, build batch for EFT payment, approve and generate EFT file and lastly approve and post payments into Dynamics GP to update relevant Chequebook. Overall workflow and process closely follows standard Dynamics GP functionality of Payables Computer Cheques. This essentially means ease of use, simplicity while maintaining necessary control and multiple approvals.

Pay Whats Due

Like Dynamics GP Computer Cheques, EFT Generator allows user to build batch by specifying cut off date. EFT Generator takes into consideration all the vendor invoices due for settlement by the cut off date. User can still update the batch by manually adding or removing the vendor invoices. Once batch is finalised, it can be sent for approval for further processing.

EFT Templates

Based on chequebook bank selected, predefined templates are used to generate EFT file. Most of South African banks EFT file templates are included. In case your bank is not in the list, we can create new template for your bank without any charges to you.

Accelerated Bank Recon Integration

EFT Generator compliments Accelerated Bank Recon, another module developed for Dynamics GP Cashbook Bank Management. If you are using Accelerated Bank Recon, the EFT payments reflected in your bank statement will make sure that they fall in the category of Auto Reconciliation rules defined in Accelerated Bank Recon. This ensure smooth bank statement reconciliation and seamless integration between two modules.

User Security

User Security can be specified at granular level. Security Tasks and Roles are created by default for ease of permission assignment. Leveraging Dynamics GP security ensures smooth transition to future release. For enhanced security, Field Level Security can be applied to EFT Generator.