Online Meter Reading

Do you have high cost for collecting printers meter reading and yet reading accuracy is a problem? Polaris IT have just the solution for you. No more field trips or phone calls to find out printer readings or toner levels. Printer meter readings will be on your desktop without any extra effort. View reading breakdown by colour, black & white, copier, printer or scanner. Know what your customers need before they know it. Check toner levels and create alerts to remind for toner order. Convert lost orders into efficient sales by notifying customers for their low toner levels.

Reduce Cost

Know before your customers know about their printer toner level. Toner level alerts can be configured to specify the minimum toner alerts. Generate automated orders for lower toner printers. Avoid over stocking toners and order toners based on demand. Improve supply chain process by gaining visibility.

ERP Integration

ERP integration can be customised for client needs. CSV file can be exported for integrating with other ERP systems.

Add Printers

New printer models can be easily added. Simple specify the IP address of new printer, provide its readings and email us the details. We will include it for you without any additional cost.

Robust Technology

Robust Technology ensures scalability, may it be small, medium or large deployment, Online Meter Reading is built with dot Net technologies and Microsoft SQL server as database management system.