SMS or Email customers, vendors, sales persons, employees, users, buyers or any other contact person from within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Notifications can be sent based on events, scheduled or manual. Preview the notification & data before activating notifications to ensure correct information is sent. Notification history is maintained for audit purposes. Send Excel or CSV attachments with Emails. Partnering with leading SMS providers ensures SMS are most cost effective.


Inform vendors when the cheques are ready or update customers when goods are dispatched. Communicate more effectively with business partners may it be a customer or vendor. Emails or SMS can be sent based on events, schedule or manually. Virtually any event in Dynamics GP can be used for generating communication.

Get Notified

Besides business partners, notifications can be used for internal alerts. Keep tabs on relevant changes to data in Dynamics GP by setting up an unlimited number of notifications for yourself and your people. Send out notifications on any event, scheduled or manually on ad-hoc basis.

Attach Data

Generate CSV or Excel based on SQL query and send it as an attachment with Email notification. Ability to view information with notification enhances productivity and ensures content reaches to people with in time.


Its not all fire and forget. All notifications may it be Email or SMS, are logged in the system for future queries. Enquiry windows only allows viewing of notifications thus reducing the risk of manipulation. Dynamics GP security can be applied to ensure only relevant people have access to enquiry logs.

Robust Technology

Developed in Microsoft Dexterity ensures that Notifications works as an integral part of Dynamics GP. Dexterity being native Dynamics GP development platform ensure smooth future upgrades.